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Materials Handling Solutions to Fit Your Needs

P.V. Supa offers solutions for materials handling, return and sorting, that are designed to fit your specific budget and space requirements. We offer solutions that will fit small libraries and workroom spaces to systems that service very large and complex central sorting operations. Every library is unique with specific requirements; our library trained staff and engineers will work with you to design and install the system to fit your specific needs and requirements.


 Technology: Necessary, Sensible, and Efficient

There is no doubt that technology has had a lasting impact on libraries and the services they offer.   With innovation, re-imagination, and vision, libraries embrace new technologies every day to meet the needs and demands of the public.  P.V. Supa’s RFID, EM, and Self Service options, working in conjunction with the library’s ILS, combine efficiency, functionality and attractive design to provide seamless, responsive service to library patrons. Let us help you to find the solutions that best fit your needs.

Innovative Libraries

Discover the possibilities

Innovation in libraries is not just about installing the newest technology in every library outlet. It is also about considering community needs and desires, seeking outcomes that are desirable and possible, and then implementing solutions that resolve problems and provide enhanced services for your community. P.V. Supa provides ready, innovative solutions for  libraries. We will also work with you to create a custom-tailored solution for your unique situation.

About PV-Supa


Strong key values drive our company:

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Customer Service

  • Technological Innovation

Our key values have formed our long-time strategy as a company: to provide our customers with all the tools and knowledge necessary to streamline library processes.

P.V. Supa develops products solely for the Library market and operates either directly, or through its reseller network, all around the world. We consider our customers to be our business partners in our product development; an environment where ideas, customizations, and special requests are always welcome.

  • Our AMHS system is a fully modular system that provides for fast installations and minimal downtime; it is completely reconfigurable, expandable and has the most comprehensive option package to maximize your material flow.
  • Our RFID offering is easy to use, elegant, and is suitable for all libraries of any size and has all the necessary tools to manage the systems and operations without time consuming gimmicks.
  • Our Innovative Library concepts provide tools for libraries to be more creative and improve key aspects of community engagement.
  • Libraries and communities are constantly evolving and libraries become an even more important part of community engagement. Together with libraries, we want to be part of this constant development with new product development through “Innovative Libraries”.


    Welcome to being our long term partner!

“As a library that utilizes multiple vendors for our RFID technology, we have always been very pleased with PV Supa. Our 3-bin sorter has had very few maintenance issues over it’s lifetime, but PV Supa has always been quick to respond to any issues that have arisen. If a fix is not able to be made remotely, they work closely with reliable contractors in the Indianapolis area to ensure that repairs are made quickly and correctly.
From a development standpoint, it has been easy to work with PV Supa. They have taken our feedback seriously and make every effort to incorporate suggested changes. We are still in the early stages of development, but we are hopeful that the end result will be a significantly improved system for handling our patron holds.”
Dave Gray

Director, Hancock Public Library, Greenfield, Indiana

“Our library uses P.V. Supa RFID pads and related tag and reader software, and has for a number of years. The products are well made and we rarely have problems. Should something come up the Tech Support is top notch working through any issues that might arise. Their products work well with our SirsiDynix Horizon ILS and have held up to the needs of our staff.”
Mike Jackiw

Information Technology Manager, Indian Trails Public Library

Special Projects

Innovation begins with you. Explore, design, and create innovative solutions for your library.  We are here to listen and assist you in bringing your ideas to life.  

“There is nothing impossible for him who will try.”

  Alexander the Great