Community are changing, places where individuals can gather to explore, interact, and imagine are vitally important. Many venues are moving ahead; linking people to information, opportunities, and to their communities through innovation in technology and service.

We have the resources to reinvent your space and the solutions below are just the starting point; because what we are really good at is listening, and together we can find a solution that is right for you!

Library Anytime

  • Increase Access
  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Reduce Operating Costs

Tablet self check-out unit

  • self service digital resource
  • equal access to digital world for everyone
  • promotes digital reading
Multi-purpose self-check lockers

Multi-purpose self-check lockers

  • Dispenses a wide variety of items
  • Intelligent locking system
  • Cloud based management kiosk

Smart Block

  • Mobile Work/Meeting Site
  • Modular Construction
  • Maximize Space Use

Library Anytime

Library Anytime is a self-operated solution that makes it possible to extend the library’s normal open hours. It is a complement to the existing manned hours, in which library users can still receive the necessary help and guidance. In short, it is a service that allows library users to gain access the library’s facilities when it suits them!

A unique and user-friendly solution

Library Anytime consists of several components. Our team will work closely with you to custom-tailor the solution to meet your wishes and needs.
Our standard solution includes:

  •  An entrance computer where the users gain access by using identification (the type of identification is determined by the library) and personal PIN.
  • Intelligent video surveillance
  • Software and I/O controller that ensures automatic control
    • Alarms
    • Door locks
    • Lights and sound
    • PCs in the library
    • Security systems
    • Self Check and PC technology
  • A user-friendly administration system that is easy to use by the library staff remotely.
Access Pad

Access Pad

ELOH camera

Library Anytime camera

ELOH speaker

Library Anytime speaker

Underlying advanced management system

Technology controls, developed especially for the libraries, controls all components of Library Anytime system. The sophisticated management system enables the automatic opening and closing of the library and full admirative features.

Access control with communication options

Custom-designed entrance computer identifies and registers the users upon arrival at the library. The users enter their PIN on the computer’s touch-screen after inserting or scanning their identification in the card reader. The touch screen at the entrance can display the registered user-name, inform the user of open hours and programs, and inform the user about any reason for rejecting entry.

Monitoring for a safer library

Camera surveillance as a part of the solution. This provides safety for the users and protects the library against theft and vandalism during the self-operated opening hours. Our team will work with you on the location and placement of the cameras to suit your needs and specifications.

Gain full control with the management package

Using the Management Application you can easily manage Library Anytime. Through the system you can access and edit your Library data including the opening hours, surveillance images, event log and much more. The management application ensures you full control of Library Anytime and all events in the unmanned opening hours.

Statistics module and management features

The management package contains several features that provide overview and insight into the Library Anytime system, including a statistics module from which you can extract data concerning the number of visitors at the library based on age, gender and time interval, and a PC-module which will enable you to automatically manage the library’s computers, technology and many other useful features. The management features will continually be expanded as a part of our service.

Tablet self check-out unit

The self-service tablet solution for libraries
Tablets have proven to be a wonderful tool for libraries in the new digital age. Tablets can be used to promote digital reading in its many forms and to offer digital access to those with no possibility of an own device.

The tablet self check-out unit has made loaning tablets easy and it is now possible for library visitors to check out a tablet with their library card and PIN code. The attractive design makes your digital material visible in the library space.

Tablets in libraries

  1. Equal access to the digital world for everyone
  2. Promoting digital reading
  3. Digital education for senior citizens
  4. Language and culture education
  5. Creative arts and media education

Tablets made to be shared

Tablet system combines easy
management with special features
public use.
Our all-in-one system includes:

  • a smart charging dock
  • 6 durable high-quality tablets
  • license to an intuitive cloud-based management tool.

Multi-purpose self-check lockers

In the P.V. Supa RFID suite of products is the most versatile, self-service library locker system on the market today, the multi-purpose self-check lockers.  The multi-purpose self-check lockers allows your patrons to borrow laptop computers, iPads, eReaders, headphones, or anything else that can fit in the generously sized lockers. 

It’s designed as a modular system to expand as your needs do.  The basic system is comprised of one free-standing set of 12 lockers that are managed by a convenient standalone kiosk.  The touch screen kiosk controls the locker access through a SIP2 connection to the libraries ILS.  PV Supa’s powerful self-service interface does the rest. Additional locker modules can be added, each locker module has 12 lockers, with a maximum of 48 lockers for each kiosk.

Access Pad
ELOH camera
ELOH speaker
ELOH speaker


  • Can dispense a wide variety of items including laptops, iPads, headphones, eReaders.
  • Intelligent locking system with lights and sounds for identifying locker dispensing.
  • Easy to use, no high or low reaching for lockers.
  • Cloud based management kiosk.
  • Works with your ILS using SIP2.
  • Electric: 110 volt outlet required, 15 amp circuit
  • ILS with SIP2 interface
  • Network connection

All the lockers are secured by electronic locks that are controlled by the kiosk.  The operation is simple:  the patron scans their library card at the kiosk, then selects the product they wish to borrow, the kiosk than pops open the door and the patron removes the item, closes the door and takes the receipt.   When the patron is finished with the item they return to the kiosk, scan their library card, the locker door opens where the item was stored returns the item, shuts the door the item is removed from the patron account and the item is returned to circulate again.

Smart block

Smartblock is a revolutionary new business solution for busy workers who need to conduct their meetings with speed, efficiency and privacy

The Smartblock offers a perfect space to work or hold meetings. It has all the amenities of a small meeting room; including full digital capabilities.

Smartblock is easy to move around as it is set on casters. Because it is comprised of separate modules, it can also be easily relocated.
Smartblock provides a private
working experience due to the
acoustic materials and insulated
walls intrinsic to its design.
Perfect for spontaneous meetings or those who need a little privacy to work.
The Smartblock furnishings are made with high-quality upholstery products. Hundreds of colour combinations are available. We can print almost anything on the surface of the upholstery and you can choose virtually any texture from many options.
Smartblock has a neutral white framework but it can be made in any RAL shade. The outer frame can also be branded with your company logo, sponsor graphics or any other personalisation you require.
Smartblock can be installed in a single day. The only requirement is a connection to an external power socket to ensure the electronic devices and power sockets inside are fully functional.

The Full Digital Smartblock includes a 32” display and integrated speakers for presentations, or videoconferencing, job interviews with video recording, video or slideshow presentations, or conference calls. The Smartblock also comes equipped with USB and HDMI outlets, as well as LED lights with a dimmer. It is the perfect alternative when a large conference room is not required. The Full Analog Smartblock has all the amenities as the Full Digital, excluding the display and speakers. The Half Analog model has all the amenities of the Full Analog but is the perfect size for small hallways and narrow corridors. All the models come with concealed, lockable wheels for easy moving. The shell of the Smartblock is fully customizable; choose your own colors or add your own logo. It is the perfect area to promote a special program or event. The interior fabric choices are also customizable, choose a color that matches your décor, there are many to choose from.

Full Digital Smartblock

• 32” HD display
• Two integrated speakers in the ceiling
• Four LED lights with dimmer
• Two AC power outlets
• Two USB outlets
• HDMI outlet for video screens
• Dimensions: 86.62” W x 63” D x 86.62” H
• Weight: 1,043 lbs.
• Floor Space: 37.7 sq ft.
• Large concealed lockable industrial style wheels for easy moving
• Comfortable seat cushions and supportive back cushions with perfect table height
• Noise attenuating acoustical wall panels

Full Analog Smartblock

• 32” HD display
• Four LED lights with dimmer
• Two AC power outlets
• Two USB outlets
• Dimensions: 86.62” W x 63” D x 86.62” H • Weight: 1,043 lbs
• Floor Space: 37.7 sq ft.
• Large concealed lockable industrial style wheels for easy moving
• Comfortable seat cushions and supportive back cushions with perfect table height
• Noise attenuating acoustical wall panels

Half Analog Smartblock

It offers the same amenities as the Full Analog but is half the depth.

• Two LED lights with dimmer
• AC power outlets
• USB outlets
• Dimensions: 86.62 ” W x 31.5” D x 86.62” H
• Weight: 597 lbs.
• Floor Space: 18.8 sq ft.
• Large concealed lockable industrial wheels for easy moving
• Comfortable seat cushions and supportive back cushions with perfect table height
• Noise attenuating acoustical wall panels
• Excellent fit for narrow corridors and hallway

In a month, I’ve had more families reading together, students working on group projects, tutors tutoring, plus a few interviews and meetings. We can teach and demo library resources quickly and they provide the privacy of an enclosed room while remaining accessible and open. Patrons jump right in and get to work. We’ve already had several patrons asking when we were getting more.

Most of the patron reactions are “Awesome!”
“I love these!” and “Can I reserve them every day?”

John Pappas

Branch manager at the Bucks County free library

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