Holds Management System

Processing and shelving of requested materials, as well as removing expired holds, is a time-consuming process for library circulation staff and processing those materials in a way that maintains patron privacy is always a challenge.

P.V. Supa, along with our development partner Hancock County Public Library in Greenfield, Indiana, is developing a revolutionary new method for the processing, shelving and maintenance of patron requests.

Imagine not having to wrap, print hold slips, or interfile materials on your public hold shelves, and when removing the expired holds from the shelf to only have to go to one location rather than searching through all the materials on the shelves. The Holds Management System makes it all a reality. By utilizing tools such as tote manifest, smart phones, and our management software staff time spent with managing holds is dramatically reduced. Library patrons will also find locating their materials much easier, by title of the item instead of the confusing systems devised to maintain privacy.

In development with Hancock County since fall of 2016 P.V. Supa is  ready to expand our development partnerships in this exciting new venture in the Spring of 2017. Please join us!

Are you ready to be in on the ground floor of a development and assist in the creation of a new product? Does being in on developing new products and projects excite you? P.V. Supa works with libraries to create products and systems to transform services to the communities they serve.

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Katie DuPraw

Product Development

Katie DuprawIn my role in Product Development I am so very fortunate to work with the most creative and innovative people – both our internal team and our library partners – to bring new products and services to the library market.These are exciting times of change for libraries, let’s work together to bring your idea to life!

Mika Passila

Product Development

I really enjoy working closely with our library partners to design software applications and programs. Library staff have great ideas and best understand the needs of the library environment. The partnership with libraries is crucial during development and ensures that we deliver functional, high quality results for the library markets.