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Materials Handling Solutions to Fit Your Needs

P.V. Supa offers solutions for materials handling, return and sorting, that are designed to fit your specific budget and space requirements. We offer solutions that will fit small spaces to systems that service very large and complex central sorting operations. Every situation is unique with specific requirements; our trained staff and engineers will work with you to design and install the system to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Innovative libraries


Store and manage library items

Agilon® is a multi-award -winning solution and patented material handling product that gives you exact information on your materials in real-time.


Innovative libraries


Extend your library hours

You can manage your library hours, access and staffing level with P.V.Supa Anytime Library Technology. This widely popular concept in many countries has increased library usage after every implementation with a very little cost increase.


Innovative libraries


A convenient way to extend your library reach

Communities can have more access to library services and the Smallest Branch offers a solution to maintain or increase the library’s reach. With the Smallest Branch you now can have a 24/7 small library at an indoor location of your choice. The five shelf, 175 item capacity unit ensures the ability to provide a variety of materials for your library patrons, where they are. All you need is a network cable and power outlet.


Innovative libraries


Modular, ergonomic, cloud-managed

P.V.Supa self-service library locker system on the market today, the Anytime lockers.
The multi-purpose self-check lockers allows your patrons to pick up holds, borrow laptop computers, iPads, eReaders, headphones, or anything else that can fit in the generously sized lockers.

RFID return and Hold Pick Up shelves

Innovative, practical, time saving

Returning materials is as simple as just placing the item on the shelf. Anywhere. That’s it.
No more queues, no more waiting in line.


Ergonomic, modern, and user friendly

RFID systems move beyond security to become tracking systems that combine security with more efficient tracking of materials throughout the library.  Our suite of products provide enhanced services for library patrons and provide workflow efficiencies for library staff.

Innovative libraries


Connect, create, innovate

Innovation begins with you. Explore, design, and create innovative solutions for your library.  P.V. Supa works with libraries to create products and systems to transform services to the communities they serve. We are here to listen and assist you in bringing your ideas to life.

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