P.V.Supa is reforming material handling, inventory management, tote management and material retrieval.

Agilon® is a multi-award -winning solution and patented material handling product that gives you exact information on your materials in real-time.


Agilon® advanced modularity optimizes material retrieval, in-house logistics and increases transaction capacity and storage area. Agilon® can be installed to your existing premises and expanded according to your needs.

The Agilon® system can be used for storing and managing thousands of library items. It can also handle materials of all shapes and sizes up to 23,6” x 15,7” x 17,7” that weigh up to 55 pounds.

Every transaction is entirely traceable as every item entered into or removed from the system is user, time, and date stamped. All transaction information is available through a P.V.Supa web service that comes with the possibility to share availability information, pick up for specific items and bring items for specific user points.

Agilon® is fully modular which enables to library to optimize existing storage space and can be also installed outside of the building.