Dokk1 Library - Aarhus, Denmark

Dokk1 Library - Aarhus, Denmark

Central sorting and combined central sorting and patron return applications demands higher than normal capacity and functionality. Grigora, our newest modular, ultra-high capacity sorter, meets those demands. Grigora, has significantly higher capacity than any other sorter in the library market and smallest footprint. High capacity and small footprint is achieved by a new innovative method of sorting  items.
Full modularity gives you the flexibility to optimize your space usages and offers the possibilty of future re-configurations and expansion.
Grigora has an innovative remote diagnostic system, we can monitor component level status and administer the system and software remotely.

Grigora is the ultimate for a central sorting application, please contact us for the details.

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Incoming and Outcoming Material Flow

Each central sorting project is unique and we will implement to optimum material flow and tote handling for incoming and outcoming totes.
P.V. Supa has unique solutions to fully automate some of the labor intensive tote handling work. P.V.Supa is working with some of the highest circulation libraries in the world and this experience has given us a deep understanding how to solve library specific material handling challenges.

Tote Manifest

Supa Smart Tote Processing enables your library to manifest each item as it sorted to a tote.
At any time, staff member can follow tote manifests, tote status from online WEB tool. User is also able to process holds, view totes with manifests, filter and query totes.