Laptop Self Check

The multi-purpose self-check lockers allows your patrons to pick up holds, borrow laptop computers, iPads, eReaders, headphones, or anything else that can fit in the generously sized lockers. You can also mix various of different items for the same locker system.

It’s designed as a modular system to expand and also have different size of lockers for different purposes. The basic system has an integrated 22” inch touch screen, card reader of your choice and receipt printer. The Supa locker system is managed via Supa Cloud system and library can manage remotely virtually unlimited number of lockers.



  • Can dispense a wide variety of items including, hold pick up, laptops, iPads, headphones, eReaders.
  • Intelligent locking system with lights and sounds for identifying locker dispensing.
  • Easy to use, no high or low reaching for lockers.
  • Cloud based management kiosk.
  • Works with your ILS using SIP2.
  • Electric: 110 volt outlet required, 15 amp circuit
  • ILS with SIP2 interface
  • Network connection

All the lockers are secured by electronic locks that are controlled by the kiosk. The operation is simple: the patron scans their library card at the kiosk, then selects the product they wish to borrow, the kiosk than pops open the door and the patron removes the item, closes the door and takes the receipt.
When the patron is finished with the item they return to the kiosk, scan their library card, the locker door opens where the item was stored returns the item, shuts the door the item is removed from the patron account and the item is returned to circulate again.