A comprehensive line of smart shelve products

  • Self Check In stand alone Smart Shelve, works perfectly with your Anytime Library Concept or add on Check in process automation
  • LibCabinet works independently from self check in and out unit. Designed to be used indoors as an small, remote library for a discrete collection.
  • Intelligent hold pick up shelves: Automate your hold pick up by using RFID technology; no more holds slip processing
  • Build your own Smart Shelves utilizing P.V.Supa software and RFID reader and antenna modules.
  • Also check out the whole range of self service solutions and accessories, including the Phoenix.

Faster than barcode processes


Reduction in staff time spent on circ procedures


Detection accuracy at security gates


Patron satisfaction

Intelligent Shelving

Enjoy the full benefit for your RFID systems by using intelligent Smart Shelves.

Top Left: Smart Shelves

Top Right: RFID Intelligent Shelf

Bottom Left: Smart bin

Bottom Right: LibCabinet

RFID Intelligent Shelf for check inIntelligent Shelf

Shelves that include RFID antennas are specially designed for checking in materials and are intended to be placed near to the library’s entrance. Every time a patron returns an item to the shelf, it sends the information directly to the library’s ILS and registers the material as returned.

Returning materials is as simple as just placing the item on the shelf. Anywhere. That’s it. No more queues, no more waiting in line.

For all materials that are returned in the Intelligent shelf, security is automatically switched on. Patrons can browse the shelves and remove items for check out. If a patron attempts to remove returned materials from the library without first checking them out, the alarm at the security gates will be activated.

Movable Intelligent Trolleys with wheels are connected to an info terminal. A simple click mechanism enables you to detach full trolleys and attach an empty one in a split second.
Libraries that move their full trolleys to a ‘just returned’ section, see that over 25 % of all books returned are checked-out on the same day. The materials are instantly available to customer and this dramatically increases circulation and decreases the workload for library personnel.
There are two different sizes of trolleys; the 3-shelve model holds about 120 items and then 4-shelve model about 160 items.

LibCabinet: Compact  library for check out and check in

LibCabinetWith the LibCabinet you now can have your own small library on location. Your customers can have access to materials 24/7. With a combined check in and checkout function, you can offer an independent library at an indoor location of your choice. The five shelf, 175 item capacity unit ensures the ability to provide a variety of materials for your library patrons. All you need is a network cable and power outlet. Communities are demanding more access and the LibCabinet offers a solution to maintain or even significantly extend the library’s reach.

Its transparent doors, which are equipped with an electronic lock, can easily be opened by presenting a library card to a card reader. The patron takes the books he or she wants and just closes the door again. After closing the door, the LibCabinet prints out a receipt which tells the customer exactly which books he or she has taken and when they need to be returned. Returning a book is equally simple: present the card – open the door – return the book.

The intuitive user interface provides library patrons with all the information they need. An integrated thermal printer provides the patron a receipt of all transactions that have taken place so they can always check what they have returned to or have checked out from the library.

The LibCabinet communicates utilizing the SIP protocol, an industry standard. This means that all lending traffic is fed back to your library management system.

The LibCabinet software has a maintenance mode with full of features. While in maintenance mode you can perform a full inventory, and print out inventory result with a printer. LibCabinet can be connected to P.V. Supa centralized management software which will give you all reporting and remote control functionalities that are familiar from other software made by P.V. Supa.

SmartBin for returnsSmart Bin

The P.V. Supa SmartBin is designed to check in and store specifically identified library items, CDs, DVDs , or any other material type identified by the library. The SmartBin has an electronically controlled lock that only opens for the designated material types and locks again after the item has been inserted into the return slot.

The SmartBin is connected to a P.V. Supa RFID self-check unit running LibRid software. The Self-check unit guides the patron through the process and directs them to put the items they are returning into correct bin or into the SmartBin. There are user friendly guides on the SmartBin to assist patrons with returning items. An RFID reader inside the SmartBin checks the material again, and only opens the electronic lock if a correct item is detected. If a patron tries to insert an unidentified item type into the SmartBin, the lock stays closed. Because the lock also stays closed between check ins, the patrons cannot remove items from the bin.

The SmartBin storage unit is lightweight and easily movable, making removal and replacing of storge bins simple and easy.

The Self-check unit also notes automatically when the bin is full and needs to be emptied.

RFID identification

The industrys’ most elegant line or Security gates, readers and antennas, gates and inventory devices.

RFID Labels

RFID Labels

RFID labels for all the library items
P.V. Supa offers RFID labels for all different kinds of items that libraries have, such as books and CD/DVDs.
In addition to normal RFID-labels there are also so called Booster-tags availble for CDs and DVDs. These are bigger and have better performance. The materials used in these RFID- tags are very high quality and with rigorous quality assurance in manufacturing, a very long life and proper operation in library environment is assured.

An RFID label consists of an aluminium antenna and a very small microchip attached to the antenna. For protection of the antenna and microchip there is a paper or plastic (PP) face material. On the back side of the label there is an adhesive layer that holds the label on an item. This adhesive is stable and there is no risk of its leakage over the edges of the tag, even for a very long period of time. Naturally all materials used meet modern environmental requirements.

Labels meet the requirements of ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3 standards and work in the 13.56 MHz frequency that is commonly used in library environment. RFID labels are also fully compliant with most common library data models. Labels are available with colour printing, and it is also possible to print barcodes on the surface, with running ID numbers.
Tags can be preprogrammed with correct type of item identifiers. There are lots of different sizes and forms of tags for different applications available. For example we can offer printed library cards that also contains an RFID tag.

LibAssist Hand Held RFID Scanner

Wireless inventory and item search.
The P.V. Supa LibAssist is one of the most powerful RFID handheld readers available for libraries. It combines excellent reading performance with a compact, convenient size while still managing to be one of the lightest devices of its kind. The device is extremely ergonomic, allowing extensive periods of comfortable use with one hand. The adjustable and flexible antenna further increases ergonomic use by allowing items at different height to be scanned with ease.
The device has a bright touch-screen and an intuitive user interface. This guarantees effortless use in a library. Excellent battery capacity allows the device to be easily used through an entire work day without charging. The software is easily updated, ensuring a long-life cycle for the device.

LibAssist system includes software for staff computers. It allows wireless transfer of item lists between the computer and handheld units. If a WLAN connection is not available, item lists can also be transferred via USB.

The LibAssist handheld software has three main functions. In inventory mode for example, it is possible to scan books on one shelf and create a transfer list of those items. Then there is a search mode where a list of items can be exported from the library system to the handheld unit, or manually input from the handheld keyboard. When you are scanning the shelves with the device it notifies you when it finds an item from that list. The last function is weeding mode, it works in reverse to search mode. An item list is uploaded to the handheld that, for example, should be on one shelf. When you are scanning the shelf, it notifies you if it finds an item which is not on the list. In this way, it is possible to remove the items which are in the wrong places.

PG45 and PG50 RFID security gates

Efficient solution for theft prevention.
Security gatesThe PG45 RFID security gates offered by P.V. Supa are especially designed to blend into different library environments, while maintaining the open character of the space. Their sleek and transparent design are on many architect’s wish list.

An alarm will sound when someone tries to carry an item that contains anti-theft activated RFID-label through the gates. Items that have already been checked out, and where the alarm has been deactivated, won’t cause an alarm on the gates. Because of the RFID-technology, other types of materials won’t cause false alarms.

The alarm notifies by sound and by red light, which is built into each antenna. Alarm sound type and loudness are adjustable. For example, the alarm sound is on for only a moment but the light will remain on for a longer time.

The security gate system consists of at least one entrance (two RFID- antennas, one RFID-reader). By using a multiplexer it is possible to reach even 1.30 m (PG45) or 1,60 m (PG50) wide entrance. RFID- security gate systems can have 1, 2, 3 or 4 entrances; making it easy for libraries to protect wide entrances as well.

It is possible to have an integrated patron counter with wireless patron statistics program in RFID gate systems. P.V. Supa GateController software can be connected to RFID-gate systems. The software allows displaying information about the cause of the alarm on staff computers, such as item names. RFID gates can also be connected to video surveillance and other external systems.

GoodStuff Staff Station

Goodstaff Staff Station

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Replacing barcode scanners.
The P.V. Supa GoodStuff staff station consists of an RFID-reader and related control and conversion software. With GoodStuff the handling of RFID-tagged material and transmitting item identification information to and from a library management system is easy and straight forward. With the included conversion software, it is easy to write item identification information to RFID tag memory.

There are two different RFID reader models to choose from, based on the preferences of the library. Both models are easy to connect to existing staff computers. The table top model has stylish design and enables reading multiple items at the same time (stack reading). The other reader model is placed under a staff station table, out of sight, and doesn’t take up any space on the table surface. The antenna of the reader is shielded and only reads items from directly on top of the reader area effectively preventing false readings from other items placed on the desk. The shielding also prevents interference by any metal structures nearby.

With the GoodStuff software the RFID readers communicate seamlessly with an existing library management system. There is no need to do any adjustments to the library system; GoodStuff can transmit the correct information from the RFID tags to the system. The alarm will be activated or deactivated when items are checked in or out.

LibConvert 2 software converts and writes item identification information to RFID tags. It allows fast mass converting of existing barcoded items as well as handling new single items.

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Modern RFID Self-Check Unit for Libraries
The Phoenix RFID self-check unit, the newest  offering in our self service suite of products, is specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s libraries. Attention has been paid to appearance; the design is light, slim, and spacious.  A glass table is used to create a sense of lightness and to make the device discreet in the library space, while still being a fully functional table top for patrons to use for their material.

The Phoenix Self Check has a guaranteed finish, utilizing high quality finishes and global suppliers. All hardware –computers, RFID readers, receipt printer– is integrated into the furniture. The design places emphasis on usability and ergonomics for patrons as well as maintainability and ease of service for the library staff. The Phoenix comes in both kiosk and a table top models. All RAL colors are available.

The Phoenix Self Check uses NUAGE software, a state-of-the-art, cloud-based software, built on the latest technologies. It allows for a very long lifespan for the device, with versatility and new features being continuously developed. NUAGE has a simple and intuitive user interface that guides patrons through the check out process as well as navigating additional features. The software supports other functions such as account information, renewals, and fines and fees payment. The beauty of the NUAGE software is that it allows for flexible development of custom made features; new features are being continuously developed.

The software supports multiple languages, of which four can be active at any one time. All texts on screen and on receipts, can be modified by the library with easy-to-use tools made for that purpose.

Supa Patron Counter

Supa Patron Counter

Supa Patron Counter

The Supa Patron Counter is a battery operated infra-red beam counter with a built-in radio transmitter. The unit consists of two parts; the IR transmitter and the IR receiver. The IR receiver has an integrated 6-digit LCD counter and a radio transmitter for truly wireless installation and operation. The unit can operate up to 3 meters in low power mode and 6 meters in high power mode. The user can select the power mode. The counter can operate in almost any environment without interference from ambient lighting.

The Supa Patron counter is designed for long battery life; the internal 3.6 Volt Lithium battery will operate the receiver for up to 3 years in normal operation.

Supa Patron counters can be used as stand-alone counters or they can be integrated in to Supa centralized management system to form an advanced wireless logging counter system. With Supa Centralized Management System People Counter data is saved to a database. This feature allows exporting the data in numerous formats, such as XML, Excel files, PDF or Word documents. Reports can be generated from any computer connected to the database. Reports are generated with SupaReporter software.

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