Specialty products for the modern libraries needs.

Yeti Tablet

The Yetitablet is the world’s largest and most versatile table on the market today. What makes the Yetitablet so unique is its ease of use; it’s the only giant tablet built on an open Android OS.

This versatility is fueled by 3 million applications available in the Google App Store. The Yetitablet  comes in sizes from 27″ to 98″ sizes, and you can transform it from smart-screen to a smart-table in a few seconds with the tilt-lift stands.

The Yetitablet’s large screen, and intuitive touchscreen tablet functionality, make it the perfect solution for adaptive technology needs in the library and there isn’t a need to purchase additional software for public computers. Library users do not need to struggle with complicated image or text manipulation software; simple touch screen technology allows the user to increase or decrease the size of the image or text with the touch of a finger, making it a perfect solution for those with vision or motor skills impairments. The large size of the Yetitablet enables group activities for learning and education such as group board games like chess, scrabble, and crosswords and group memory games to improve memory and concentration.

The Yetitablet is a superior alternative for traditional ways of communicating and engaging with your customers. Unlike digital signage solution that only display information, the Yetitablet enables a two-way communication with your customers. You can still run your ads in a 4K UHD display, but you can also gather feedback, enable them to reserve rooms or computers in advance or help them navigate the library building.

Engage with your customers

  • Show interior map of your building and guide customers to desired locations
  • Show means of communication
  • Follow customer flow and receive customer feedback
  • Show opening hours, events, announcements, or programs
  • Use a communication channel or show 4K-video ads
  • Weather and shock resistant


  • Android 7 OS with 3 million apps
  • Multiple touch points for teamwork
  • 4K UHD resolution
  • Video conference, document sharing, and screen mirroring apps
  • Get the traditional computer experience with external keyboard and a mouse
  • Replace the traditional whiteboard with a smart board app
  • Compatible with MS Office and G Suite
  • Convert into a smart table with e-Box stand
  • Dual OS, Windows & Android (optional)
  • Water-, dust- and shock-proof (optional)


Smartblock is a revolutionary new business solution for busy workers who need to conduct their meetings with speed, efficiency and privacy

The Smartblock offers a perfect space to work or hold meetings. It has all the amenities of a small meeting room; including full digital capabilities.

Smartblock is easy to move around as it is set on casters. Because it is comprised of separate modules, it can also be easily relocated.
Smartblock provides a private
working experience due to the
acoustic materials and insulated
walls intrinsic to its design.
Perfect for spontaneous meetings or those who need a little privacy to work.
The Smartblock furnishings are made with high-quality upholstery products. Hundreds of colour combinations are available. We can print almost anything on the surface of the upholstery and you can choose virtually any texture from many options.
Smartblock has a neutral white framework but it can be made in any RAL shade. The outer frame can also be branded with your company logo, sponsor graphics or any other personalisation you require.
Smartblock can be installed in a single day. The only requirement is a connection to an external power socket to ensure the electronic devices and power sockets inside are fully functional.

The Full Digital Smartblock includes a 32” display and integrated speakers for presentations, or videoconferencing, job interviews with video recording, video or slideshow presentations, or conference calls. The Smartblock also comes equipped with USB and HDMI outlets, as well as LED lights with a dimmer. It is the perfect alternative when a large conference room is not required. The Full Analog Smartblock has all the amenities as the Full Digital, excluding the display and speakers. The Half Analog model has all the amenities of the Full Analog but is the perfect size for small hallways and narrow corridors. All the models come with concealed, lockable wheels for easy moving. The shell of the Smartblock is fully customizable; choose your own colors or add your own logo. It is the perfect area to promote a special program or event. The interior fabric choices are also customizable, choose a color that matches your décor, there are many to choose from.

Full Digital Smartblock

• 32” HD display
• Two integrated speakers in the ceiling
• Four LED lights with dimmer
• Two AC power outlets
• Two USB outlets
• HDMI outlet for video screens
• Dimensions: 86.62” W x 63” D x 86.62” H
• Weight: 1,043 lbs.
• Floor Space: 37.7 sq ft.
• Large concealed lockable industrial style wheels for easy moving
• Comfortable seat cushions and supportive back cushions with perfect table height
• Noise attenuating acoustical wall panels

Full Analog Smartblock

• 32” HD display
• Four LED lights with dimmer
• Two AC power outlets
• Two USB outlets
• Dimensions: 86.62” W x 63” D x 86.62” H • Weight: 1,043 lbs
• Floor Space: 37.7 sq ft.
• Large concealed lockable industrial style wheels for easy moving
• Comfortable seat cushions and supportive back cushions with perfect table height
• Noise attenuating acoustical wall panels

Half Analog Smartblock

It offers the same amenities as the Full Analog but is half the depth.

• Two LED lights with dimmer
• AC power outlets
• USB outlets
• Dimensions: 86.62 ” W x 31.5” D x 86.62” H
• Weight: 597 lbs.
• Floor Space: 18.8 sq ft.
• Large concealed lockable industrial wheels for easy moving
• Comfortable seat cushions and supportive back cushions with perfect table height
• Noise attenuating acoustical wall panels
• Excellent fit for narrow corridors and hallway


New Models


Personal privacy

MeetTime Closed

Meetings shifted to next gear

In a month, I’ve had more families reading together, students working on group projects, tutors tutoring, plus a few interviews and meetings. We can teach and demo library resources quickly and they provide the privacy of an enclosed room while remaining accessible and open. Patrons jump right in and get to work. We’ve already had several patrons asking when we were getting more.

Most of the patron reactions are “Awesome!”
“I love these!” and “Can I reserve them every day?”

John Pappas

Branch manager at the Bucks County free library


EM 700

EM 700 Security Gates

EM 700 Security Gates

Transparent alarm system for small labels
The EM 700 security gates offered by P.V. Supa work with electromagnetic (EM) technology and EM labels. Since EM labels are thin, the EM 700 is perfect for bookshops and libraries. In addition, because the EM labels can be deactivated and reactivated multiple times, they are ideal for environments where the same item is being regularly scanned in and out, such as a library.

The EM 700 is a slim antenna in clear  Plexiglas®. The transparent material creates a sense of space, invaluable for congested entrances. This kind of design is very popular among architects.

An alarm will sound when someone tries to carry an item that contains activated EM strip through the gates. Items that have already been checked out, and where the EM strip has been deactivated, won’t cause an alarm to sound on the gates. The alarm notifies by sound and by light which is built into each antenna. There are several different types of alarm sounds and the length of the alarm sound and light is adjustable.

The identification field, fluctuating 20 times in a second, identifies even EM labels hidden inside aluminum foil. Modern interference removal prevents false alarms, for example from wheelchairs, mobile phones or eyeglasses. The threshold value for the alarm is adjustable according to the material used in a library making it possible to achieve 100% identification without false positives.

EM security gates have a separate control unit that can control three gate antennas at the same time. It is possible to connect several control units together covering wide entrances. Gates can also be connected to video surveillance and other external systems.

Hybrid Security Gates

Security gates for combined RFID and EM security
While more and more libraries are moving to RFID technology, any material that has old EM security technology must still be secured correctly. To reasonably implement, gates that cover both RFID and EM security systems are required.

The Hybrid security gates by P.V. Supa are a perfect solution for libraries moving to RFID technology. These gates run both technologies side by side. The excellent detection area of the gates will ensure that material activated by either EM or RFID technology will cause an alarm when it is carried through the gate in any position.

Items that have already been checked out, where the strip/tag has been deactivated, won’t cause an alarm on the gates. Because the gates are equipped with modern interference removal, no false alarms are caused by wheelchairs, mobile phones or eye glasses. An automatic adjustment always finds the most effective operating mode.

Hybrid security gates are manufactured from clear Plexiglas®. The transparent and slim material creates a sense of space, invaluable for congested entrances. This kind of design is also very popular among architects.

Hybrid Security Gates

Hybrid Security Gates

Hybrid Security Gates

Hybrid Security Gates

EM 700



EM-security activating and deactivating devices
P.V. Supa offers various solutions for activating and deactivating electromagnetic security strips. LibAct is the most versatile electronic activating and deactivating device available. It allows activating and deactivating collinear and 3M strips, and also handles CD/DVDs that have slug-strips. Because of the electronic functionality, it is 100 % sure. It guarantees that the strips work optimally with the security gates.
There are two different types of the LibAct, one can be integrated to a table, and the other can be kept as separate unit on top of a table. LibAct Desktop is a model that is meant to be used as a separate unit on top of a table and it can be easily moved to a different place. LibAct Ergo has two different models, one for table-top use and one that can be integrated in to a table. Both devices have a separate control unit.

All the LibAct models have been designed with different types of library material in mind, paying close attention to ease of use. LibAct can also deactivate collinear strips that have been attached to magnetic material, such as VHS-tapes, without damaging the data in the magnetic material.
In addition to the electronic LibAct devices, P.V. Supa offers also other solutions for activating and deactivating collinear strips. DA plates can be embedded in the staff desk. They contain integrated magnets that activate or deactivate the security from the items that are moved on top of the plates. The DA peak works in a similar way and is usually attached to a handheld barcode scanner.

Patron counter

Supa Patron Counter

Supa Patron Counter

Supa Patron Counter

The Supa Patron Counter is a battery operated infra-red beam counter with a built-in radio transmitter. The unit consists of two parts; the IR transmitter and the IR receiver. The IR receiver has an integrated 6-digit LCD counter and a radio transmitter for truly wireless installation and operation. The unit can operate up to 3 meters in low power mode and 6 meters in high power mode. The user can select the power mode. The counter can operate in almost any environment without interference from ambient lighting.

The Supa Patron counter is designed for long battery life; the internal 3.6 Volt Lithium battery will operate the receiver for up to 3 years in normal operation.

Supa Patron counters can be used as stand-alone counters or they can be integrated in to Supa centralized management system to form an advanced wireless logging counter system. With Supa Centralized Management System People Counter data is saved to a database. This feature allows exporting the data in numerous formats, such as XML, Excel files, PDF or Word documents. Reports can be generated from any computer connected to the database. Reports are generated with SupaReporter software.

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